Elevator Speech

What Is Your Elevator Speech?

Connect with another person

You’re at a networking event—breakfast, lunch, dinner, trade show or a meeting.  You start talking with someone and they ask you what you do?  What is your answer?

You’re calling a great prospect on the phone—trying to set up an appointment—and you finally get them on the line.  What do you say?

You’re in an elevator and in walks the prospect you’ve been trying to reach for a year. You’ve got 15 seconds to make an impression. What do you say?

You may ask “What is an elevator speech?”  An elevator speech is a brief description of what you do and who you do it for.  It describes how you offer value, benefit and quality to your customer.

If you answer to the above questions was:

“Hi, my name is Stan, I sell real estate.” or
“Hi, I’m Shirley, I’m a financial consultant.”

How far do you think any of these statements will take you?  Do they continue the conversation?  Do they get you an appointment?  Do they get you any business?  NO!  NO!!  NO!!!

The reason these statements don’t get you a response, or any business, is because they’re focused on you.  What you do.  Not what’s of interest, or benefit, to the customer.

As an alternative, Stan could say:

“Hi, my name is Stan, I work with people who want to achieve superior returns on their real estate investments, while saving money on their taxes, and I’m so glad that I’ve finally got the opportunity to meet you Mr. Trump.  Do you have a quick moment to chat, or may I give you a call at your office.”

Shirley could say:

“Hi, I’m Shirley, and I work with people who want to accumulate wealth by investing in undervalued securities.  Do you have a moment?”

I call these statements BENEFIT STATEMENTS for they focus on the benefits that you offer to your customer, as opposed to focusing on what it is you do.

As an example, a friend used to say that she was an interior designer.  Today she says: “I work with people who want to have beautiful homes.”

A CPA friend of mine now says:  “I help people keep more of their money by showing them how to pay less to Uncle Sam in taxes.”

Remember that this opening speech is what buys you time and gets the other person to respond to you in a favorable way.  Develop you elevator speech today and you will be getting additional business each and every time someone says “What is it that you do?”

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